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We are now establishing ourselves in Barbados; bringing to the island the standard of work and professionalism that has been our trademark in the United Kingdom for over 25 years.

We are offering a product and service of an alternative system that would give you a high quality, smooth and durable finish.

The multi-finish plaster is a versatile final coat plaster that provides excellent results on all suction backgrounds. This makes it the best choice where undercoats and board backgrounds are involved on the same job.

The advantages of using the finishing plaster as opposed to slick:

  • Manufactured for the purpose of being a top coat
  • No sanding required
  • Complete application in less than half the time
  • Can be used on various backgrounds
  • Far superior finish
  • Longerlasting and more durable


From the British Gypsum Website:

  • A smooth seamless surface walls to ceilings
  • Good airtightness for improved acoustic and thermal performance
  • Consistent finishing times, regardless of the weather
  • Finishing coat achieved in one visit to the wall
  • A scuff resistant surface
  • Quicker installation time


This product will help towards keeping your projects on time, on budget and improve on quality.


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In Barbados...


It's now been proven that the product and service we offer allows for a far superior and durable end result.


Venetian/Marble Polish Plaster

Now being installed in Barbados


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