Welcome to Distinctive Plastering

Distinctive Plastering is a well-established plastering company initially formed and based in the United Kingdom and now establishing itself in Barbados

We are proud to bring to the island:

  • Multi-Finish Plaster
  • Highest quality craftsmanship
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexibility
  • Expert advice
Port Ferdinand St Peter

We are proud of our hard-won reputation for quality workmanship, outstanding customer service and professionalism. Our staff are happy to provide advice on your plastering projects. We have extensive experience in renovating commercial and private properties.  Check out our website to learn more!

Working hours: Mon - Sat:0700 - 1600


In Barbados...


It's now been proven that the product and service we offer allows for a far superior and durable end result.


Venetian/Marble Polish Plaster

Now being installed in Barbados


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